Why Do You Need to Add Responsive Design Feature to Your Website

Imagine surviving a day without mobile phone and Internet! If you are reading this from your mobile device right now then perhaps you are in no mood to apprehend such a situation.

The present trend indicates that more and more users browse websites on their mobile devices to take crucial purchase decisions. This is supported by an estimate which says 1/3rd of global consumers will be using Smartphone by 2018.

Another interesting inclination that has been observed now is growing use of multiple devices to browse the net. This means your website needs best web responsive design to fit different screen sizes and device types.

Let’s take a look at seven benefits of going responsive!

One Site Pleases All

The best web responsive design adapts to different devices and caters to varied browsing needs. Users can pick up any option to access websites be it from laptop, Smartphone, iPhone or other devices. This ultimately helps save costs and money and relieves you of the hassle of managing two different sites.

Better User Experience

Users don’t need to experience that cumbersome process of magnifying, or scrolling the mobile screen to read webpage content. Responsive websites being designed to fit both desktop and laptop devices, ensure a seamless user experience. This helps boost conversion and reduces bounce rate.

Happy Shopping Experience on Mobile Devices

With a responsive website, you can develop a dedicated clientele who generally use their Smartphone to shop online. You can also target shoppers who use mobile phones inside the stores to search for specific products and offers.

Search Engines Love Responsive Sites

If you are trying to impress Google then make your website responsive. Why so? Because responsive sites have single URL, one set of pages and files. All these simplify the process of Google crawling and indexing the content. From SEO perspective, such sites rank much better than separate mobile sites.

Social Media Supports Responsive Designs

If your marketing strategy includes updating blogs and social media posts regularly, then you need a site that can be easily opened by mobile users. The fact that more than 50% social media viewing happens on mobile devices this would surely encourage you to incorporate responsive features in your static site immediately.

Customized design to fit future devices

Smartwatch and Smart glasses have become popular. In coming days more and more consumers will use these to browse and buy products online. With ready-to-use responsive website, you can meet such demands and beat market competition easily.

Smart Business Move

Antiquated static sites don’t really project smart business image. If mobile users can’t open your site then that makes your business appear run-down or obsolete almost similar to a dilapidated shop inside an old-fashioned building. In comparison, a smart responsive site is like that shiny new store flocked by buyers.

If you are convinced by now to try best web responsive design, then make sure you do it with professional help. The web designing team at Laconic World is ready to discuss your current site status and provide you the best website design to help meet your business goal.