2020 – Web Design Trends that’s expected to hit the Design Industry

Web Design Trends 2020

Design makes your website look appealing. We all know that, but do you know that a captivating web design can instantly get your targeted audience inclined towards your brand? Yes, in no time you can influence a consumer with an attractive web design.

But it’s not that easy. You need to stay updated with the design trends and also create an engagement that would mark you different from the rest. Do you know that you need to stand out from your competitors? You should not blend in with them, otherwise how will you get noticed.

Fret not! It’s easy, you have come to the right place and here we will provide you with a futuristic analysis of web designing.

Let’s have a look at the web design trends of 2020 and how beautifully it will work to create an eye-catching and engaging web design for your website.

Artificial Intelligence with Advanced Machine Learning Infusion

So, talking about artificial intelligence here we are! AI is not a newcomer to the web design territory. AI provides assistance to designers and in the year 2020, it can surely help UX/UI designers in 2020 to do more! With advanced machine learning infused with AI, the designers would be able to understand the visitor’s details based on their location and browsing history.

With the information, as well as, AI, the designers would be able to create engaging designs and this will help to get more potential leads.

Voice User Interfaces

The consumers have plenty of options nowadays. They get impatient really fast. With devices hosting smart virtual assistants like Google Now, Cortana, Siri – people are now preferring voice over text. Web developers are now thinking to take this advantage and create an engaging voice-empowered model.

This kind of module creates a more personalized experience with much less effort.

Voice is expected to be one of the most important web design trends in the year 2020. Even if it’s taking a slow start, soon voice module will take over and be the most preferred choice.

Bold Colors and Simple Design

Bold colors can instantly grab attention and look more daring. Well, we aren’t here to scare you, but a bold color will speak about your business and also reflect sophistication when you provide the essence of simple design to go along with it.

The effect will be dramatic and get your brand noticed without being too loud, as remember we will be going simple and soft with the design.

Animations and Dynamic Illustrations

Video marketing is a rage now. But how to throw it in design? Does that idea bother you? Well, you can add spunk to the graphics by using customized illustrations, integrated animations and GIFs to talk about your business in an interesting manner.

Artificial intelligence can help in a big way and create an awesome browsing experience for the visitor checking out your website.


Although here, we have just talked about a few, but more designs may be coming up in the year 2020. Designers with creative new ideas would bring along new trends that might further increase visitor engagement in the website.

The main tip is:

Rapid advanced of technology is bringing in changes in the web design industry. With AI coming in, even voice-capable interfaces might make a mark in the year 2020. It’s just a matter of time. Let’s wait and watch!