eCommerce businesses maintaining Silver lining amid COVID-19

eCommerce Covid19

The COVID-19 virus pandemic has resulted in uncertainties and fear not only in consumers, but also in eCommerce world. The eCommerce platforms are facing the surge in demand, resulting in unfulfilled orders and late deliveries. Still, amid this outbreak, eCommerce businesses can find a silver lining by maintaining a constant communication with customers and by twisting their marketing tactics.

  • Keep your corporate ears peeled to the digital ground so as to capture customer grievances and nip them in the bud before they get a chance to blow up in your face. The digital expanse is far and wide, and the channels for grievances are equally wide-ranging. It also happens to be fertile ground for grievances to be aired. Do not let any grievance fall through the cracks, because each one of them has the potential of turning ugly.
  • Engage grievances with rhetoric that resonates with your aggrieved customer. Both approaches and choice of words are crucial in this regard.
  • Leverage the utmost value of social media- During the recent lockdown mode for COVD-19 pandemic, lots of internet users are now spending more time on social media platforms. It is the best time to take proactive steps to post quality content on different social networking sites. Your content may be entertaining or informative. However, it helps you to start conversations to build new connections.

  • Make sure that your business is visible online- Surely, your target customers always prefer local online stores to order their essential products to control the epidemic. You may have created a website for your business. However, is that site reachable to your customers? When Google does not show your eCommerce store in the search result, you will get no value. Thus, utilize the time to strengthen your SEO campaign.

  • Have a look at your to-do list- Some eCommerce website owners feel that the virus outbreak has caused a downtime of their businesses. But, it is the best time to address your unfinished tasks and find gaps in your marketing program. For instance, you may invest in a CRO audit for increasing the conversation rate in the near future.

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