How can realtors get benefit from Virtual Assistants?

Benefits of VAs

The competitive environment of the real estate industry has made it tough for you to do everything alone. Obviously, you do not want to share your profit with others. But, how long will you be able to keep up your business in this way? You are not superhuman, and to take your business to a different level, you may assign some tasks to a team of real estate Virtual Assistants.

Virtual assistants help businesses in different types of industries by lifting a massive amount of workload involved in running a business. You can have them do various tasks, like managing your social media, handle your accounting, answer emails, and many more.

Let’s us see what VAs can do for you-

  • Maintain MLS listing, update it with price fluctuations, and do some modifications to keep the listing fresh
  • Keep all your data up to date with having every new approved development, changed traffic conditions, and which houses in which streets have sold and for how much.
  • Add clear images to attract viewers or potential property buyers
  • Keep up a pre-listing copy
  • Maximize the power of social by having a professional handle it for you
  • Do the research – leaving you the time to follow up the leads yourself. It can provide the most value to your business
  • Contact each of the leads and set up appointments for the qualified ones
  • Keeping your calendar sane is tough when you’re fielding calls, reaching out to potential new clients, and organizing viewings and open houses
  • Keep your website relevant and improve your SEO rankings with ongoing updated content
  • Drafting emails and letter to clients
  • Keep track of your expenses, bills, reimbursements and payroll and make sure that everything is organized in a coherent system
  • Deal with the minor communications, leaving you time to chase up the important stuff

Virtual assistants, specialized in the real estate sector, can undertake lots of tasks.

Upload your property listings to the MLS

Most of the baby boomers and Millennials approach the online world to start shopping for properties. In the past, local newspaper ads and fliers were the only sale drivers. However, uploading a new property listing to MLS is a time-consuming process. That’s why you can hire real estate VRs to outsource the process of MLS listing upload and management. When the VRs are working on your MLS listing, you can save time for face-to-face interactions with clients.

Virtual Assistants managing your social media posts and other marketing campaigns

Potential property buyers do not overlook social platforms to search for property listings. To ensure regular updates of social media circles. Let your VAs manage your multiple accounts on social media platforms. Virtual Assistants for realtors also share interesting stories about your business. What’s more, they can-

  • Posts new blogs
  • Give the fastest response to the questions
  • Show some featured properties
  • Manage your customers’ reviews

Tech-savvy VAs use tools for scheduling your social media posts. You can get a detailed report on the number of clicks, type of audience, performance of posts.

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As one of the realtors, you may be reluctant of doing the repetitive tasks for your business. However, your Virtual Assistants manage these tasks and let you connect with your leads.

In fact, real estate VAs deal with overall marketing program online. They also keep up the performance of your email marketing campaign by

  • Including surveys
  • Offering tips and industry updates to sellers and buyers
  • Sharing new property listings
  • Inviting clients and leads to your local events

Manages your CRM database

Some realtors claim that automated technologies have made their business operations easier. It is true that they can automatically upload leads and available properties to the CRM system. However, have you checked duplicate profiles? Here, you can find the importance of real estate VAs. Virtual Assistants remove these duplicate profiles and update contact details in the CRM database.

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Sales assistance from real estate VAs

One of the trickiest things to a real estate agent is to keep every client informed about the deal. Although you are a skilful agent, you may manage 4 to 5 deals. Surely, it is not enough. Thus, leave this task to VAs, who will work as your sales assistant.

Provides you with comprehensive reports every month

Without a detailed analysis of campaign performance, you cannot achieve success in your business. Real estate VAs set the right KPIs to create reports on

  • Conversion rates
  • Sales of properties
  • Buyers and sellers’ activities
  • Market trends
  • Number of email subscribers

With graphs and images, VAs can develop an easily interpretable report.

Now, you can decide on hiring real estate VAs for property research, varied marketing tasks, data mining, and a lot of other solutions. You will find better and faster progress in your productivity and revenue generation. Be assured that your business data will stay safe at the hands of your Virtual Assistants.

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