How to Drive Engagement on Your Website

Driving engagement on your website is the key to reducing the bounce rate and increasing conversions! The success of your online business, ecommerce store, blog depends on the action taken by your visitors. You expect your visitors to buy a product, fill a form, submit contact details, etc. so you meet your business goals. However, you need a lot of convincing to do so that they take any of these desired actions.

Engaging your visitors from the very beginning –designing your website- is the key to getting the desired action from them. With higher engagement, you make your brand familiar to a huge number of people; create brand awareness, alongside increase your website visibility.

Some of the engagement tactics could be to invite visitors to comment on your content, request to share your content on social media, review your website, or request active participation in discussions, events, etc.

Well, for visitors to comment, discuss or take any other desired action you need to offer value to the visitors so they feel compelled to engage on your website. It is important to explore ways to drive engagement on your website. Some of the proven tricks to drive engagement are: 

Engage with Content: Create unique content that surprises people makes them think from a different perspective. Such a content excites your readers to involve and engage better. Studies suggest that you have very few seconds to grab the attention of your visitor. Experience says visitors are more inclined towards long form content, and content that has more of visuals, videos, animation, etc. Breaking up content for easy readability is an important element in keeping the visitor on the website.

Tip # Increase visibility and engagement by requesting your visitors, audience to comment, share such interesting content.

Appealing design: When it comes to driving engagement, content without any doubt is the key, but design also plays an important role. Visually appealing design for your websites creates the first best impression and makes your visitor spend more time, browse through the content, etc., on your website. A poor design may put the visitor off and force him to competitor’s website.

Tip # Maintain a balance between visual and text content, avoid clutter designs. Make sure you publish content that is easy to read and readers can locate call to action or other such sections easily.

Quality Images, Videos: Visual content will create more engaging, as it becomes easy to narrate stories in an appealing and compelling way using visuals, images, and graphs. Use specific images for the content and high quality real images.

Tip # Do not use Stock Images, rather use premium original images, videos.

Use Multiple Call-to-Action Buttons: Well, the purpose of your website and the efforts on it, are to invite your visitors to take a certain action. Readers may skim most of the content on your website to reach exact section where the content of their interest lies. If you have only one call to action button and the user skims that section the entire purpose of having your website is defeated. You need to have multiple call to action buttons, so you get the desired action or information from your audience.

Tip # Use call to action at multiple places on your pages, so you can get the required information for long-term engagement with your audience.

Related readings: Your reader spending time reading a blog post on your website, is a positive sign of encouragement that he is interested in your content, don’t lose such visitors rather offer him recommendation of related content. The more a reader spend time on your website it is better for engagement.

Tip # you can make use of many available extensions and plugins that automatically suggests related readings to your visitors.

With the help of great design and creating compelling content, you can invite, attract and create engagement with your target audience within minutes which helps spread your brand across the world!