Tips to Improve Lead Generation Through Data Mining.

How to Generate Leads through Data Mining

Is the dipping sales graph of your products or services has been a cause of worry for your organization? Has your marketing team failed to provide quality convertible sales leads?

Well, you are not alone, this is the problem faced by most organizations today. In this competitive world, you need highly effective leads that will eventually convert to sales bringing in the much-needed revenue into your business.

Your flyers, marketing newsletters alone may not be suffice to generate high quality leads. In the digital age, the explosion of data and information offers many opportunities to generate effective leads. However, the abundance of information often overwhelms and leads to pitching to wrong markets – demographics, gender, ages, etc.

Web Data Mining Offers Great Help for Marketers

Data mining as an effective lead generation tool helps marketers and business generate high quality leads offering great insights into the overwhelming information available on the various digital media channels.

By crawling, the World Wide Web, data mining tools, help gather vital information that helps understand market dynamics, promote your business. Data mining offers great insights that help organizations make accurate predictions, and manage data efficiently. In addition, it also aids in the decisions making process of production, marketing, workflow and other vital departments of a business.

Data mining helps you to vet effective leads from huge piles of data available on the digital channels. With the help of statistics, it helps you identify which demographics, age group, etc. to target for your products and services.

As Data Mining offers many techniques to generate high quality and effective leads, many industries form health care to retail use this process to harvest leads with high conversion rate.

How to Generate Quality Leads using Data Mining:

Web data mining can help you analyze data that helps you identify crucial and specific information to target the markets with high demand for your products or services. With the help of this technique, you can derive an effective lead generation strategy for your SEO, PPC, and various social media campaigns. Here are some of the tips to mine data on various social media channels and your website for an effective SEO and Social media campaigns to derive high quality leads.

Track your Traffic: With the help of various tools such as Google analytics, you can track the number of hits to your website and various other social media channels. Tracking the visitors to your sites will help you understand the demographics, age group, etc. of those interested in your offerings – products, services. It gives you a chance to track the right prospects and convert them into sales.

Offers Great Insights: Tracking your traffic offers great data to analyze and identify the visitor behavior, interests, etc., so you gain understanding of the customer behavior, their preferences etc. You can track the unique page views, total page views, and the time a visitor spend on the page scanning the page. Such an exhaustive data helps markers identify if a visitor is a casual one or a serious prospect who can be a convertible lead.

Automation: You can automate data mining process for faster and more effective lead generation. Some of the tools you can use to mine the social media data for effective lead generation include Hootsuite, Tweet -reach, Klout helps you identify your brand’s reach and voice. These tools monitors the visitor activity on your channels including website and social media sites to help you understand and analyze the strength, reach, and sentiments of your brand.

Engagement: With the help of social media tools such as social CRM, you can monitor the growth and engagement levels of your visitors. You can create dashboards to monitor such data of the visitors to your sites. These dashboards in addition to providing very useful information, also helps you with suggestions and recommendations on the areas of improvement for your websites or social media channels. You can also compare the performance of your social media engagement against the brand keywords you have chosen or against your specific competition.

Improve your brand image: With the help of Data mining techniques you can understand the perception of people about your brands. It gives you the opportunity to understand the sentiments of the people about your brand, and try to act on the visitors, prospects feedback and improve your brand image.

Data mining carried out manually or automation with the help of tools can help you gather useful data that drives will take you to effective high quality convertible leads. Social media data mining helps your keyword research to expand your keywords for broader and better targeting of your markets. It helps you understand the different phrases that your prospects and visitors use to search for your kind of products and services. Imitate the language of your visitors, prospects to search for better keywords that help you get more visibility on search engines.

You can use automation tools for data mining on social media channels. With the help of automation tools, you can schedule messages, monitor factors such as engagement levels, perception of your brand, and your competition. Social data mining helps you with convertible leads.

Listen to the conversations, follow tweets, hashtags on social media channels to understand what customers feel about their current providers’ of services or products and reach out to them to understand what they feel good or bad about their existing supplier so you can offer them with a better alternative.

Data mining helps you make connections with visitors, prospects with engaging conversations on your line of business and your brand of products and services. You can convince them about the high quality of your offerings and pitch for sales whether it’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, or twitter. It is important that businesses use quality data and try to establish connections with meaningful conversations for convertible leads.