Maximizing ROI: How VAs Help with Data Analysis in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing VAs

Virtual Assistants are highly associated with market trends, varied clients, and properly understands the changing behavior of the consumers. Thus, they are better at analyzing the daily changing data and creating sustainable strategies out of them to maximize the ROI (Return On Investment) of a company.  

If you’re also planning to hire an employee then you must consider a virtual assistant before, as it might provide you more benefits in terms of the returns. In this article, we have mentioned how a virtual assistant can help you increase your ROI. This article will give you a clear understanding of how VAs will practically contribute in increasing your ROI. 

Understanding The Role of Virtual Assistants Maximizing ROI In Digital Marketing 

Virtual Assistants have a great knowledge regarding digital marketing and its related strategies. They are the masters of their field with greater flexibility. As far as growth is concerned, you can leverage the majority of your strategic tasks to the virtual assistants. They will let you have the free time to focus on more important things in your business i.e., client hunting.  

Virtual assistants will automate all the routine & repetitive tasks and also bring new and creative ideas for your business. Till then, you can also crack better strategies to improve your branding. It will directly positively impact the ROI (Return on Investment) of your business. However, you should thoroughly understand the capabilities and limitations of your virtual assistants so that you can define the tasks to delegate them to increase your ROI in digital marketing. 

Every business has different aspects, you need to analyze your marketing system and processes. Then, you can select the tasks to delegate to the virtual assistant to maximize the ROI of your business and marketing effort. In the next section, we have mentioned the benefits of virtual assistants in digital marketing

Benefits of Virtual Assistants In Digital Marketing 

Data Analysis and Insights 

Specialized virtual assistants can effectively analyze the marketing data, track performance metrics, and let you have useful insights. They provide you with various data driven information including customer behavior, campaign performance, and market trends. Therefore, you can make more calculated decisions and precisely invest your money into the right marketing and business operations. 


Virtual assistants are always more cost-efficient than a full time in-house employee. Virtual assistants are generally hired based upon the hourly rate or projects. Thus, you don’t need to fulfill any long-term commitments or provide them with expensive gifts. Simply, you just have to pay them for the provided service. VAs are generally much more cost-efficient for SMEs or startups. 

24/7 Available 

Virtual assistants are not limited to a 9 to 5 clock. Instead, they can provide the work and support anytime based upon your requirements. Therefore, Virtual Assistants are the best for the data analysis and providing the data driven marketing strategies.  Furthermore, virtual assistants also help in maintaining the online presence of a business, which brings more customers to a business. 

Access To Latest Technological Tools 

Virtual assistants have a certain number of latest technological tools, platforms and subscriptions. Thus, you also get the access to the advanced marketing tools with a virtual assistant which help you take the more data driven approach and convert more leads. Plus, it doesn’t require you to make extra investment to purchase any additional analytical tools and platform subscriptions. 

Quick Onboarding 

Virtual assistants are typically experienced professionals who have worked with several clients. Thus, they aren’t required to start with your business processes and systems. Instead they will directly be able to put the marketing efforts into their efforts and suggest certain improvements to better your processes. 

Better and Friendly Customer Service 

Virtual assistants have better availability for customer service, as they have more flexibility. It also frees you up to put your focus on more important tasks. It will directly contribute to your growth and increase your ROI. 

Higher Lead Generation 

Virtual assistants can better analyze the data, qualify the leads, and outreach to the selected clients or customers. These virtual assistants are better at conducting the research over the potential customers and opportunities, which provides them efficient leads. Plus their marketing strategies and efforts allow them to convert more leads. 

8 Key Data Analysis Tasks Performed By VAs to Maximize the ROI

1. Collect and Aggregate The Data

A brand comprises its data from various sources including websites, social platforms, mail campaigns, and online ads. Virtual assistants are generally familiar with all these platforms and can easily gather the data from there. Once, the VAs collects all the essential data, they also put a comprehensive analysis and avail you with the effective marketing strategies that directly helps you maximize your profit margins. 

2. Track Performance Metrics  

Virtual assistants are highly familiar with the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of a business including CTRs, conversion rates, engagement, and return on ads spend. Thus, the virtual assistants highly focus over these KPIs and inform the strategist about the growth or decline of these metrics. This timely information helps the companies to increase their ROI at a good pace. 

3. Ad Optimization  

Virtual assistants are also effective in optimizing the ad copies, images, and related videos to improve the CTR and conversion of your ads. VAs can help you select the right layouts for your ads and effective elements to make the ads more persuasive and engaging. Apart from the layouts, assistants can also help you with crafting the clear, concise, and compelling copies. Moreover the virtual assistants can also analyze the data driven through several ad variations and let you know which is working the best. 

4. Automation  

Virtual assistants have vast knowledge regarding the latest tools and platforms. They can help you better automate your ad campaigns to allow you to focus more on the strategic portions. You will get time to maintain the bids and budgets on the basis of your ads performance. This is how, virtual assistant will help you maximize your ROI based upon several essential factors. 

5. ROI Tracking and Report 

Virtual assistants are expert in tracking real-time ROI of a marketing effort and create a whole detailed report. They thoroughly analyze the whole campaign and its related cost to provide you the insights that can help you generate higher returns. Therefore, you can optimize your budget and apply the most profitable strategies for your business. 

6. Customer Segmentation

Virtual assistants can also help in reading the demographics of all the customer segmentation. They analyze the behavior patterns, purchase history, best-selling products, and much more to better understand the targeted audience persona. Once you thoroughly understand the personalized profile of your ideal customer, VAs can also provide you with better strategies to target and convert them.

7. Data-Driven Decision Making 

Virtual assistants are known for deriving data for a company to make informed decisions. When VAs provide the data to the company owners, they can make much better decisions based upon the evidence they have instead of any hypothesis. Data driven decisions allows the marketers to know what’s working and what’s not that leads the whole company to a highly effective campaign with higher ROI (Return On Investment).  

8. Market Research 

Market trends, customer behavior, and competitor’s strategies are dynamic in nature, which makes them changing every minute. Thus, everyone is trying to level up every single day in the business world. And, virtual assistants are well familiar with the market trends and its daily changing landscapes. Therefore, VAs are the perfect people to analyze the market and figure out the growth opportunities for your business. 

Tackle 3 Common Challenges With VAs To Maximize Your ROI 

Though virtual assistants are much more beneficial then an in-house employee, they also come up with certain challenges, as it is a basic nature of a business. However, it is elementary to overcome these challenges and sustain your growth path. 

1. Finding Right Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are great at analyzing and deriving the data, but finding the right virtual assistant is not an elementary task. Therefore, you should look for an agency, like LaconicWorld, that can help you assist with the right  assistants considering your needs and requirements. 

2. Communication Issues 

Virtual assistants work solely even after being associated with a company, which doesn’t provide them the company vibe. It can lead to decline in their overall productivity. Therefore, you have to engage them in several quick meetings and create a good system for them.  It will help you get better returns and have transparency. 

3. TimeZone Difference

Virtual assistants generally are from different time zones, which creates a problem for a company to manage them. Furthermore, if a company has several virtual assistants, it can cause bigger problems. Thus, you should clear your hiring criteria to hire only the relevant people for your business. 

Wrapping Up 

Virtual assistants are one of the best investments of any company as they can better contribute in increasing the ROI of the company. They can help you in 8 effective ways to directly impact your business. Unlock the potential of digital marketing assistants to elevate your business expansion.