How 68% Small Businesses Lost Revenue Last Year By Neglecting Content Marketing Strategy?

Did you face a horrific last year when your content marketing strategy flopped miserably and along with it tumbled your profit margin? As per last year data, around 88% B2B marketers used content marketing as part of their inbound marketing strategy and yet only 32% documented it prudently.

Marketing content has become the most powerful arsenal to fight growing challenges in today’s fast expanding marketplace. Still many SMEs decide to overlook this important marketing strategy. Here we explain why they do so and possible solutions to overcome these problems.

Content Creation Takes Time But Without Instant Result

Problem: Usually entrepreneurs cite time the key factor that deters their content marketing effort. Many find it tough to churn out 1500 words quality content every day after gathering material from different resources. Even if the article shapes up well, there is no guarantee that it generates business instantly. To continue the process for a week or a month therefore seems insurmountable.

Suggestion: Learn the tricks to create content faster. Initially you can hire content marketing agencies to streamline the process and then take it from there.

Content Marketing Has Become Too Common

The observation is true to certain extent. There are businesses, products and services about which lot has been written already. So if you belong to any such business/service domain you may face the challenge of creating truly engaging and unique marketing content that appeals to your targeted clientele.

Suggestion: Take it as a challenge! Browse online to see what is written already. Then try to present your content in a different manner that readers find interesting and useful to read.

Content Marketing Trends Constantly Changing

Keeping track of marketing trends in the digital world is tough indeed. You need to be aware of Google algorithm changes, latest SEO tricks, visual content trends, and social media marketing to develop effective content strategies. So how do you keep up with all these changes?

Suggestion: Many online resources are now available for free. Use these to learn about SEO strategy, long-tail keywords, and algorithm. Apply these and create contents to create value for clients. The rest will fall into place.

Don’t Know Which Channel is Best for Me

With so many publication channel options, picking the best can be confusing. Often questions arise like “Do I create different contents for each channel”, “How do I know which channel is best for my content”, “Should I go for social media marketing tools or plan it on my own” and so on.

Suggestions: Each channel’s marketing strategy is different. Know that and match it with your content strategy. And finally, make sure you feel comfortable handling the channel, be it online or offline.

Top Content Marketing Agencies Are Too Expensive

Startups and small businesses give this excuse to defer their content marketing plan. As a result, they tend to lose more than 60% valuable leads. That’s really not a smart move!

Suggestions: Explore a bit and you can find efficient content marketing agencies which charge reasonably and yet guarantee result in minimum time. Explain your requirements and negotiate the rate accordingly.

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