Six Tips to Create Customer Friendly Facebook Profile

If you are running a business or planning to set up a new one, then the one digital marketing platform you just can’t ignore is ‘Facebook’. The reason is simple. Facebook presents great opportunity in capturing your targeted audience’s attention in minutes.

At present there are over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide which is a significant 17% increase from previous year. Over 1.15 billion mobile users access Facebook daily which is approx. 13% year-over-year growth. So why not use this medium to expand your client base!

Here we share six such simple yet effective Facebook marketing strategies to engage your customers and offer them better services.

Create a Separate Facebook Business Page

Don’t use your personal Facebook page to promote your business, no matter how small or big it is. Always draw a line between the two and focus on giving your Facebook business page a professional touch. While creating the business profile, you need to share complete information about your business/service, which you want clients to know about.

Say It with Pictures/ Videos

It’s a known fact that pictures or videos tend to attract attention faster and can convey the right message too. So if you want to share updates with your clients about the business progress, latest events and news then try to do so with pictures and/or videos. At the same time, too personal posts like ‘this dress is for my business meet’ or ‘special menu for employee get-together’ are strict No-No!

Make your Blogs Interesting and Informative

By connecting your blogs to Facebook you can make more people read these. However it is important that you focus on making your blog entries interesting and informative to read. Offer relevant information but in a simple manner which users can easily decipher.

Maintain the Query/ Service Section Sincerely

In the social media world, two days seem like two weeks; this is reason enough to turn off your customers. So if you are asking your clients to contact the Facebook page for service request, complaints or general query purpose, then do so professionally and promptly. Designate a team or individual professionals to handle such queries/requests and reply these in minimum time.

Activate Necessary Privacy Settings

Suppose someone is searching for a specific service/product. He reaches your business page to only find a name or picture. How does he know that he has reached the right page! While applying privacy settings for business profile keep this in mind. Share key information which searchers can easily relate to your business.

Maintain Customer Confidentiality

If you are going to use Facebook for business, then prioritize customer privacy. Don’t ask your clients to share personal information like contact number/email id on a public platform which can be read by others. Also it is important that you don’t share client’s confidential information with any other business page.

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